17 October 2008

"Joe Plumber" isn't what he seems

After referencing him heavily in the debate as a "real world" example of someone who would be negatively affected by Barack Obama's economic policy, John McCain forgot to read the fine print.

"He owes back taxes. He is not a licensed plumber. And it turns out that Wurzelbacher makes less than $250,000 a year, which means he would receive a tax cut if Obama were elected president."


Too bad his last name isn't a little more generic, it may be a while before the poor guys lives this one down.

16 October 2008

Great Escape: Gaza Strip

Since Israel built its wall around the Gaza Strip, a new industry has emerged: digging tunnels.

Reports estimate that there are hundreds of tunnels along the border and thousands are working in them. Hamas authorities are even regulating the industry with licenses and trade controls. The tunnels are used to import a wide variety of products food and fuel to (according to Israeli officials) arms.

If you can't go through it, around it, or over it, go under it.

I really think we need a caption challenge

15 October 2008

Sacramento GOP Campaign Materials

Barack is way more photogenic, so clearly it's not the only difference. Jerks.

Fox News keeps it real.

Colin Powell dances

He's at some something or another for some good cause or whatever. Read the article if you want

14 October 2008

Do NOT send Ringo Starr ANYMORE fanmail! Seriously!

In an extremely eloquently worded video (note: sarcasm) posted recently on his website, Ringo Starr adamantly instructs all those visiting his website not to send any fan mail to be read or objects to be signed or they WILL be tossed. He is simply too busy and does not have any time for his fans- all 6 of them. Yes, those people who have made him who he is today- it has just become far too much for him. I just have a few questions:

1) Who was sending Ringo Starr fan mail in the first place?
2) Does this then mean that I don't have time to spend $54.95 on a Ringo Starr hoodie?
3) How does he then have time to run a contest on his website to "handpick" a photo sent in by one of these "numerous fans" to be featured on the official website? Is anyone else getting mixed messages here?

Watch the video

HOLD the phone...

An interesting idea, but have they considered the situation of someone being a PASSENGER in a car? or for that matter a train or a bus??

Palin is a Parrot

John Cleese shares his thoughts about Vice Presidential Nominee Governor Palin

XKCD: Steal this comic

Between being a criminal and being a criminal, I choose being a criminal.

12 October 2008

Alaska Judge: Palin must save her emails

An Alaskan Superior Court judge ruled that Governor Sarah Palin must save emails from her Yahoo! account. He determined that she was, in fact, using the accounts to conduct state business and that the emails must be preserved as part of public record. Alaska's public record laws were last updated prior to the rapid expansion of the internet.

The investigation brought to light some other email address that the Republican VP nominee has been using to conduct state business, including one from her now-dormant campaign website.

Has the Bradley Effect been replaced with the Reverse Bradley Effect?

The Bradley Effect, named for mayor of Los Angeles Tom Bradley, proposes an explanation for the phenomena of a discrepancy between election results and opinion polls in contests between white and African-American opponents. In the past, voters have told pollsters that they are undecided or likely to vote for the African-American candidate, when those voters ultimately vote for the opponent.

New studies indicate that, since certain racially sensitive issues were more or less resolved in 1996 (eg violent crime and welfare reform) that this effect has actually reversed - African-American candidates tend to do better in elections than in polling.

International Herald Tribune is there with an in depth look at the phenomena.