25 October 2008

How appropriate... maybe.

"Like most business owners, brewers tend to avoid politics and religion out of fear of alienating customers. At the same time, microbrewing has become an intensely competitive industry, so putting a saint on a bottle can help a guy stand out...

Another entrepreneur peddled "WWJB: What Would Jesus Brew?" T-shirts, with an image of a smiling Jesus with a mash paddle in one hand and a pint glass in the other...

God is good."


Someone needs to be told that beer plus God equals good... someone in my family... hmm...

24 October 2008

Good Looks More Important Than Foreign Policy?

you be the judge..... http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27364669/

Improve your flaming today, you frenchified ninnyhammer

In recognition of a growing problem of unimaginative and unoriginal insults in this world of ever-increasing flame wars, Neatorama brings us a guide to improving our web wit and forum flagrations.

Submitted for your approval: ten insulting words to increase your vindictive vocabulary.

Obama Purchases Ad Space on the Side of McCain's bus


Hope for MS sufferers

It appears that a drug formerly used to treat leukemia, called alemtuzumab, may be a cure for MS. Nothing is final yet, but preliminary studies are looking quite promising. The article gets a little sciencey, so here's a quick summary:
Basically, MS is an autoimmune disease, which means your immune system gets confused and instead of attacking a disease, it attacks your own tissues. Different types of autoimmune disorders attack different body systems, MS happens to attack the cells in your brain responsible for normal movement and sensation, which results in sensations of numbness and burning as well as weakness and uncoordinated movement. Alemtuzumab will attack certain receptors on the main cells of the immune system (T and B cells), which basically wipes out the "attack cells" of the immune system so that they stop attacking your brain. The big thing that sets this drug apart from similar attempts in the past is that this drug leaves intact certain parts of the immune system which still allow you to fight diseases (not as well as you originally would have been able to, but enough).
This is a HUGE breakthrough for medicine- a completely unprecedented treatment for a disease previously thought to be incurable and degenerative. There are still some serious side effects to work out and it's only in phase II of testing, but here's hoping!

23 October 2008

The International Electoral College: what if everyone voted?

The Economist has redrawn the electoral map to give all 195 of the world's countries (including the United States) a say in the election's outcome. As in America, each country has been allocated a minimum of three electoral-college votes with extra votes allocated in proportion to population size. With over 6.5 billion people enfranchised, the result is a much larger electoral college of 9,875 votes. But rally your countrymen—a nation must have at least ten individual votes in order to have its electoral-college votes counted.

There are few countries whose votes in the Global Electoral College are a foregone conclusion. So the winner is unlikely to be decided by a small number of "swing countries". Rather, they will have to cobble together a coalition of small, medium and large nations. (A campaign stop in Beijing is recommended, as well as a tour of Africa.) Voting in the Global Electoral College will close at midnight London time on November 1st, when the candidate with most electoral-college votes will be declared the winner.

22 October 2008

Al Qaida endorses John McCain

In a twist of irony, Republican Presidential Nominee and US Senator John McCain recently received an endorsement from an unlikely source - Al Qaida. The endorsement came via a website with Al Qaida affiliations.
"If al-Qaida carries out a big operation against American interests," the message said, "this act will be support of McCain because it will push the Americans deliberately to vote for McCain so that he takes revenge for them against al-Qaida. Al-Qaida then will succeed in exhausting America till its last year in it."
It seems the terrorists are worried about the global financial crisis too.

XKCD: Scrabble

Oh the internal conflict and missed opportunities.

How could you believe that Bachmann was questioning Barack Obama's Patiotism when she questioned Barack Obama's Patiotism

So if you haven't already seen the modern day McCarthy in her element here's Congresswoman Bachmann reviving the House Unamerican Activities Committee.

Well now she's saying it was a 'misstatement'. I think I'd have to agree, if my opponent raised a million bucks off the stupid crap flying out of my mouth, I'd call it a misstatement too.

21 October 2008


MORGAN, Utah (AP) - A Utah sheriff's office has found that it shouldn't underestimate the golf cart as a getaway car.

A suspect in a souped-up cart managed to elude officers who pursued him last month through an alfalfa field - but only for a while. He was arrested the next day at his grandmother's house.

Officers started pursuing the driver after he was spotted spinning out in a city park in Morgan. He took off into an alfalfa field and jumped irrigation ditches that the sheriff's cruisers couldn't cross.

Morgan County Sheriff's Sgt. Scott Peay suspects the cart was fitted with a car engine instead of the original electric motor.


Turn your car into KITT

Have you ever watched Knight Rider and thought to yourself, "Damn, that would be sweet to have a car like that"? Well, now you can... sort of.

The Knight Rider GPS unit offers you turn-by-turn directions in the signature KITT voice, by none other than William Daniels aka Mr. Feeny.

Gimmicks aside, the unit is supposed to be pretty solid as far as GPS devices go. Even when the novelty wears off, you still have a quality piece of hardware on your dash.

Yes, We Carve (Si, Se Labrar)

Make your own Barack O'Lantern at Yes We Carve

No, it wasn't "robbery," it was...borrowing?

A Nebraska judge banned an accuser from using the words "rape" and "victim" during a trial. Instead she was forced to use words such as "sex."

Is it just me or are the connotations of these two words NOT the same?

He said it was because he was concerned about a fair trial for the defendant and didn't want others swayed by the language, but the trial was to determine if it was rape. We don't ban the word "murder" in a murder trial. And part of the evidence was a rape kit, to which she could not refer to as such.


Wrinkle reduction - yet another benefit of LEDs

That's right, exposure to high-intensity light from LEDs can actually smooth out wrinkles. The scientists in the study think they've cracked the secret:
the light penetrates the skin layers and removes built-up water molecules which stop the elastin in your skin from being so flexible. Hence smoothed-out wrinkles.
Just one more way that LEDs are revolutionizing your world.

Who wouldn't vote for this man....

....any more brain busters?