22 November 2008

Sarah Palin interviewed while turkeys slaughtered

Alaska Governor and former GOP Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin gave an interview after "pardoning" a group of turkeys before the Thanksgiving Holiday. Unbeknownst to her, there is a gentleman in the background watching her and slaughtering turkeys. The video is somewhat graphic, so consider yourself warned.

Thanksgiving Tip

Make this year a winner: Turbaconducken

That's right, why roast a turkey when you can take down Old MacDonald's entire farm. Who, honestly could resist a whole chicken, wrapped in bacon stuffed inside an entire duck, which also happens to be wrapped in bacon and stuffed inside a turkey, you guessed it, wrapped in bacon. This thirty pound, thirty one thousand three hundred eighty seven calorie delight can be yours with a quick trip to the grocery store and an utter lack of shame.

Thanks to our friends at Bacon Today: step-by-step instructions.

Now, if only we could figure out how to deep-fry this bad boy. . .

19 November 2008

XKCD: Theft of the Magi

XKCD goes old school with Gift... er... Theft of the Magi.

"Every Roomba needs a dueling harness."

18 November 2008


On Friday, a Florida man was arrested for assaulting his wife with.....
a sandwich. Yes, a sandwich.
The man and his girlfriend were in the car driving on I-95 when he allegedly hit her in the arm and face with a sandwich. Investigation continues...

A Surprising Note on All Things Political and Gay...

Here is a graph showing the shift, either more Republican or more Democrat, among self identified groups of voters.

What is most interesting, to my mind, is that there was a marked shift away, by percentage, from the Democrats, to the Republicans...among the gays. Not really surprising to me, that. We had the most gay-friendly Republican ticket in history. But also of note is the fact that Obama did several things to hurt himself among the gay community.


Tastes like Chicken.

In other news, Poland is not coming to any state dinners anytime soon:
"Have you heard that Obama may have a Polish connection? His grandfather ate a Polish missionary," said Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski.

Apparently he was only giving an example of a racist joke. Thanks for the education, I had no idea what racism was.

Yar, Pirates!

Pirates of the Indian Ocean hijacked a huge tanker and are trying to take it back to Somalia. They swashbuckled their way into what is easily the biggest heist on the high seas ever. Yar.

Actually, that's 100 million dollars worth of oil, you should seriously give that back.


17 November 2008

The Bat Hunter


$21 million to repair doomsday


"Fixing the world's largest atom smasher will cost at least 25 million francs ($21 million) and may take until early summer, its operator said Monday.

The atom smasher operates at temperatures colder than outer space to get maximum efficiency and experts needed to gradually warm the damaged section to better assess it, he said.

That will show on a tiny scale what happened one-trillionth of a second after the so-called Big Bang, which many scientists theorize was the massive explosion that formed the universe. The theory holds that the universe was rapidly cooling at that stage and matter was changing rapidly."

Making the picture cloudy

Tony Romo returns (broken pinky and all) to lead the Cowboys to a win that puts 'America's Team' right back into the playoff hunt

16 November 2008

The Economist weighs in on the financial crisis