04 October 2008

XKCD: Flash Games

Many hours of my life have been spent in futile pursuit of meaningless victory.

03 October 2008

Presidential Debate 1908

Hear recordings of Taft and Bryan speaking on wax cylinders. I particularly loved the political cartoons - they make our current elections look graceful.

Bill O'Reilly vs. The Honorable Barnett Frank, Congressman from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee.

30 September 2008

Obama on Olbermann's Worst Person List

And rightly so... dude forgot which anniversary he and his wife were about to share.

29 September 2008

XKCD: Brain

Not today's, but oh so true.

McCain's Healthcare Solution: Wal-Mart

Thank you, John. The next time I break a leg, sever a limb, or suffer a heart attack, I'll be sure to go to Wal-Mart first.

House defeats bailout

The US House of Representatives voted down a $700 billion emergency relief package today. The markets reacted sharply with the DOW Jones Industrial Average dropping over 700 points alone.

The bailout measure is massively unpopular on both sides, although leaders in both parties urged its passing to stave off further financial collapse. The bill would give the Secretary of the Treasury unprecedented power with little oversight, making many lawmakers and citizens uncomfortable.

Bailout Vote: Obama plans to attend, McCain "hopes" he can make it

After all that fuss about suspending campaigns and boycotting bills, the "Bailout Bill" is up for a vote today. Both the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates have issued press releases. Barack Obama will be at the vote and is planning on supporting the bill, but is still reviewing the final details. John McCain "hopes" he can vote on the bill, but he'll have to check his schedule.

28 September 2008

New meaning for "On the rocks"

Nordic Rock stone ice cubes work just like regular ice cubes, except they are made of rock, and don't melt. Throw them in the freezer for an hour and then keep your drinks cool without watering them down.