06 March 2009

XKCD: Correlation

05 March 2009

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Today's laugh brought to you by: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Jon Stewart rips CNBC a new one

Jon Stewart was on a roll Wednesday night after CNBC reporter Rick Santelli canceled. As we all know, Hell hath no fury like Jon Stewart scorned. Check out the rest of the episode for more Jon Stewart gold.

03 March 2009

British law favors heroin addicts over diabetics

In England heroin addicts get free needles and needle disposal. It's probably even a good idea, in fact it may be why Spain's addicts are 10 times more likely to have HIV.

However, when the same pharmacists who are giving red-eyed-itchy-neck Ted a sweet deal, won't dispose Grandma's diabetes needles and she has to arrange for expensive haz-mat pick up. . .Lame.

Do the British want diabetes patients to start swapping needles? I read somewhere that that's a bad thing.