20 December 2008

Bristol Palin's mother-in-law-to-be arrested

Bristol Palin's baby dady's momma was recently arrested on drug charges. The warrant resulted from an "undercover investigation" that "had been going on for a while."

Apparently you can throw a stone in Alaska and hit a meth lab.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's office "won't have any comment" as "this is not a state government matter."

Photo borrowed without intent to return from CNN.

XKCD: 11th Grade

"And the ten minutes striking up a conversation with that strange kid in homeroom sometimes matters more than every other part of high school combined."

19 December 2008

Well that would certainly explain the headache...

Benign brain tumors are fairly common in newborns. Usually it requires surgery in the first few days of life, and is actually fairly simple- open up, remove tumor, close up. In newborns, most tumors are made up of undifferentiated, disorganized stem cells. In the case of this child, however, the cells seemed to be quite organized. Organized into a foot. That's right, this baby had a foot in it's brain. Doctor's have not yet confirmed whether this foot is an extremely rare, highly differentiated stem cell tumor, or if it belonged to the baby's twin who just did not fully develop and was engulfed (another very rare incidence) by the fully developed baby. Either way, I would have liked to see the face of the neurosurgeon who opened up the brain when a foot popped out. For those of you who are concerned, the child is recovering well from his foot-ectomy.

18 December 2008


Because only 5 posts are tagged with "Art."

A little photography submitted for your perusal.

Of police and pot brownies

A cop stole confiscated marijuana and cooked brownies with his wife. Shortly thereafter they believed they were overdosing and so called 911. Neither the cop nor his wife were charged, but the police department was gracious enough to allow him to resign.

It smells like.... MEAT?

That's right.... for a small price, you can smell like a flame broiled Burger King burger

Cocktail: Rob Roy

A tasty classic suitable for any drinking man's repertoire. It's basically a Manhattan with Scotch. Personally, I find it to be better sans bitters, but to each his own.
2 oz Scotch Whisky
1/2 oz Sweet Vermouth
Harrington suggested during summer "on the rocks. In the winter, up." Bitters are optional here.
Cigar is also optional.

If a plane takes off heading east at 60 mph, and a cow. . .

Now, before I seem like the cruelest human being in the world. I'm posting this because the cow gets hit by a plane - and then, apparently gets up and starts grazing like nothing ever happened.

Full Story at MSNBC

17 December 2008

Let Your Font Save the World

This open-source font was designed by Europeans to use 20% less ink than a typical san serif font. That way you can waste 20% more paper for very little additional cost!

More about that New York Senate Seat

From timesunion.com

15 December 2008

Computer can see what you see

Scientists managed to convert electrical impulses from the brain into images on a computer screen. Is this scary? Is this awesome? Is this scary awesome? I don't know, but I think that debate can wait until we have more than a few grainy pixels that form a letter.

Courtesy of SlipperyBrick

14 December 2008

Iraqi Journalist Tweeks, Chucks Shoe at President

During a suprise trip to Iraq, President Bush was confronted by an Iraqi journalist who wished to give him a "Goodbye Kiss".

Someone should probably tell him that American's don't usually kiss by throwing shoes.

UPDATE: BBC has video