17 April 2009

Obverse of the coin: Same-sex divorce

While the fight for marriage equality rages on, there is another side to the issue: same-sex divorce. Same-sex couples experience divorce at about the same rate as opposite-sex couples, but the process of untying the knot is often much more complicated, and, in some cases, legally impossible.

TPFD: Crapped in the Break Room

16 April 2009

Debunking 6 common wine myths

To smell or not to smell - and other corky questions are answered in this quick and easy article about a half dozen common wine myths. Your oenological guide, Kurt Michael Friese leads the way to pretense free wine enjoyment.

15 April 2009

Hale Stewart explains why the tax code is so complicated

A century of legislation, often poorly written, cluttered by special interest groups, and mangled by individuals and entities trying to get out of payment is the complicated and confusing state of the United State's current tax code.  Tax lawyer Hale "Bonddad" Stewart explains just why exactly the US Tax Code is so complicated.

Image is a visual depiction of US Tax Code as a network.

Stanley Cup Playoffs Start Tonight...

The best tournament in sports, in my opinion, kicks off tonight and that is the quest for Lord Stanley's Cup.

Well, here is my hopeful prediction for sports' most sought after trophy: Washington Capitals defeat San Jose Sharks in the finals in 6 games. Offer your predictions if you choose.

Right-wing extremist groups gaining membership

Looks like it's official: right-wing extremism in the United States is on the rise (and Nazis are, in fact, a right-wing organization, btw).  The Department of Homeland Security has released a report detailing the movements and how the economic troubles as well as the election of Barack Obama may be rallying the base.  Fortunately, the DHS report found no evidence that any of these organizations were planning violence.

Time Warner doesn't want Net Neutrality

Time Warner Cable is in a spat with the Federal Communications Commission over a provision that prevents stimulus money from going to companies accused of being in violation of FCC non-discrimination regulations (i.e. price-gouging bandwidth caps). TWC lawyers are telling the government to watch what it says:
"'Now is not the time, nor is this the appropriate proceeding, to engage in a debate about the need for net neutrality obligations,' two TWC lawyers warned the FCC on Monday."

13 April 2009

A little White House Easter nostalgia

12 April 2009

Vatican Easter Interrupted by Mardi Gras

In the Philadelphia television market, Good Friday services broadcast from the Vatican were interrupted for thirty seconds by a "Girls Gone Wild" advertisement due to a programming glitch.