27 July 2009

Nat'l ID could help in India's fight against poverty

In one of the largest information technology projects in the world, India is introducing a national identification card. The measure is an effort to eliminate some of the inefficiencies and fraud associated with social programs that help ensure food and other staples for citizens. The project has near universal approval, though there are some critics concerned that the system will be abused.

GOP budget could mean firefighter layoff in Hburg

State Senate Republicans have proposed a budget that would involve $1.2 million in cuts for the capital's fire department budget. The city is currently suffering a shortage of firefighters with an additional 30 eligible to retire by 2012. State legislators are currently battling over the budget, which is quickly approaching a month past due. State Democrats posit that the Republican budget, which cuts millions in state spending rather than raise any taxes, will lead to cuts in vital services such as fire departments.

How to fix California, 101