13 March 2009

Jon Stewart FTW!

In a daily show which could be described as anything but funny. Jon Stewart took Mad Money Jim Cramer to task. To his credit, Jim takes it like a man. This is the whole episode, if you want clips head on over to The Huffington Post. But trust me, you want to see the whole thing.

11 March 2009

New battery charges in seconds

Gentleman, we can rebuild it. We have the technology. Better than it was before. Better, stronger, faster...
U.S. engineers have found a way to make lithium batteries that are smaller, lighter, longer lasting and capable of recharging in seconds.
This may have wide-ranging implications for everything from mobile phones to better electric car batteries. The process involves a new way of manufacturing the batteries that removes some of the limitations to Lithium ions, but it still uses the traditional battery materials.
"If manufacturers decide they want to go down this road, they could do this in a few years," Ceder said.
Note: Battery is not actually projected to cost 6 million dollars.

10 March 2009

5 Step

15 Step + Take Five: A Radiohead-Dave Brubeck mashup.

Watanabe: 12MP is enough

Olympus Imaging's SLR Planning Department Manager Akira Watanabe has effectively declared the race for megapixels over, saying that 12MP is more than enough for most professionals. 12MP cameras are overkill for most users, and anything with a decent lens in the 6-8MP range is enough for most uses. Anything more just means fewer pictures will fit on your card and your hard drive.

Ars brings some insight into the digital camera market and offers a couple of good links for further reading at the end of the article.

The Rock Obama

09 March 2009

XKCD: Pirate Bay

"We find you guilty of closing your torrents as soon as they finish. Your sentence is unremovable Hungarian subtitles on everything."

Bacon Burger... meet your match

The Bacon Burger has met its match, and it is lacking! Meet the bacon- and cheese-stuffed pizza burger. This behemoth is not only unholy, it is no doubt wholly filling and has been known to send vegetarians screaming hysterically.

A step-by-step guide to making your own.

08 March 2009

The drawdown in Iraq begins

Two combat brigades will be heading for Afghanistan instead of Iraq this Fall, as President Obama fulfills his campaign promises to draw down the troop levels in Iraq and help the ailing Afghanistan campaign.

Two combat brigades comes to roughly 12,000 troops. Christian Science Monitor has the story.

Buy a house, only $1

Some banks are looking to unload their foreclosed homes for $150,000 Or Best Offer... and in some cases that best offer is one dollar. Rather than holding on to foreclosed homes and losing thousands in maintenance costs, the banks have taken to selling the houses for the cost of a soda. Looking to move to Detroit? They've got a house to fit your budget.

"'I think you can make this house clean, safe and functional for $500 to $1,000,' said Mason.
There are more than 40,000 vacant properties in Detroit, which has been hit hard by the foreclosure crisis, and the median home price is a stunningly low $7,000. In many neighborhoods, homes that were fetching $75,000 just three years ago are now selling for ten cents on the dollar or less."

South Ossetia, 6 months later

The International Harold Tribune brings an update to the status of South Ossetia, 6 months after Georgia and Russia fought a war over the border province. Buildings are still bombed out, burnt out tanks line streets, and not much has improved since the bullets stopped in August.