27 September 2008

Dude, where's my.... PENIS?!?!?!?

Apparently, a man filed a lawsuit earlier this month against his urologist, claiming that during a procedure performed Oct 19, 2007 to treat "inflammation," his penis was amputated without his consent. The 61-year old man and his wife are suing for loss of services, love, and affection. I thought about posting a pic here, but for the sake of everyone, I won't.

26 September 2008

McCain wins debate!?

Now don't be fooled for a moment by the fact that this image is hosted on Comedy Central. I was, I thought to myself, "self, that's a fun joke".

As Dennis DeClaudio comments at CC:
"See that? You don't smile victoriously in front of a Photoshopped flag like that unless you know you're the shit."
Then I found out it was real. Like an actual campaign ad. Like people's hard earned money turned into campaign contributions funded this.

In fact it's already run on the Wall Street Journal website.

Washington Post carries the story here. See a screenshot of the advertisement on the Wall Street Journal here.

25 September 2008

I really need a jetpack

This Power Ranger wants to jump out of a plane with a freaking jet pack and fly across the English Channel.

By the way, this is a real photo of him in flight. He's actually that bad ass.

Colbert and Stewart Throw Aside the Sarcasm

Love these guys.

Sorry Mr. President

24 September 2008

Clay Aiken is what?!

Yup that's right.... in a breaking news story, amidst a shattering economy and a historic presidential election, the big news story is that Clay Aiken is gay.
And in other, more surprising news, the sky happens to be blue.

Clay states that the birth of his son Parker (conceived through in vitro fertilization with his 50 year old "best friend") inspired him to be truthful about his true identity.

A new version of the American Dream: "Look, honey, our very own... box!?"


"It was a side trip through a destitute, ramshackle neighborhood in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, that detoured Brian McCarthy from building houses in Albuquerque to an idea to offer the very poor a chance to own a home.

His answer lies in a humble steel shipping container, 40 feet long, 8 feet wide, 8.5 feet tall.

When drawings and color pictures of the prototype were shown around a poor Juarez neighborhood, people said, 'You know it'd be like a dream to live in one of these,' Nava said. 'You know, just the thought of having nice fresh air ventilating through the house, a large bed ... a normal kitchen and a safe home that locks and closes each night was more than appealing.'"

Or, you could just go live in the back of a shipyard...

22 September 2008

Apocalypse delayed for at least a few weeks

The Large Hadron Collider had to be shut down after a helium leak and some faulty wiring were discovered. The repair process involves several weeks of warming up the LHC followed by several weeks cooling down the apparatus. So, for the next few months at least, the apocalypse has been delayed.

No word on whether further delays will push the operational date to 12 December 2012.

Psst... wanna buy an HDTV?

The current economic crisis has lead to a drastic reduction in consumer spending. HDTV manufacturers are doing their best to move product. In what is being called "the slowest week since 9/11," you will be able to find HDTVs that are reduced in price by a few hundred dollars.

Presidential Debates Schedule

The International Herald Tribune offers a brief write-up on the Presidential Debate Schedule. All four debates will start at 9pm EST and last for about 90 minutes.

XKCD: Tones

It frustrates me to no end that most mobile phones don't come prepackaged with a normal ring tone.

The road plays on... and on...

Hiyo, silver Honda, away!

"Persons driving the posted 55 miles an hour west on Avenue K, in the high desert about five miles west of the Antelope Valley (14) Freeway, hear about 38 musical notes of the well-known theme, also known as the overture to 'The Lone Ranger.'"


I am the French, you are the French...

...we are the French together.

"[While] we're still willing to work ourselves to death for the privilege of paying off our usurious credit cards, we can no longer look contemptuously at the land of 246 cheeses. Kraft Foods has replaced American International Group in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the insurance company having been added to Paulson's nationalized portfolio. Macaroni and cheese has supplanted credit default swaps at the fulcrum of capitalism. And one more thing: the food snob French love McDonalds, which does a fantastic business there. They know a good freedom fry when they taste one."


21 September 2008

Peter, Bjorn, and John: Young Folks

A great song that you'll be whistling for days.