05 September 2008

XKCD: House of Pancakes

Dude, I don't even know.

Daily Show: Hypocrisy and sexism

Now that there is a female vice presidential nominee for the Republican party, many are changing their tunes. As always, the Daily Show is there to highlight political folly and to document blatant hypocrisy with video evidence.

Who you gonna call?

People magazine is reporting that Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray are working on Ghostbusters III. In other news, the Catholic church has moved the Holy Ghost to and undisclosed location.

It's alive! The Honda Insight returns to the land of the living

After introducing America to the first hybrid sold here in 1999, Honda eventually laid to rest the Insight model in 2006. Since then, Toyota's Prius hybrid has taken the market, and Honda is resurrecting the Insight, replete with a full redesign including more room. Again, it will be an exclusively hybrid model, but this time around, Honda promises that it will be significantly more affordable than any hybrid currently available. Here's to progress!

04 September 2008

Kucinich at the DNCC - no, he really did speak

Love him or hate him, the Gentleman from Ohio is still fun to watch. Dennis Kucinich gave a fun and exciting (excited?) speech in which he "goes after Bush, McCain, oil companies, war contractors and health insurance firms..."

Its like a jet-ski but way more badass

45 mph above water and half that below. If anyone is looking ahead at Christmas, I would love a pair. Just sayin'.

Oil drilling in the United States

A little perspective.

XKCD: Aversion Fads

Oh my god... furries.

01 September 2008

Barack Obama Completes Us

Imagine how boring this would be if this were John McCain.

31 August 2008

DIY: Biomass Gasifier

No, this doesn't necessarily involve your friend's chili and a lot of beer (though it could). A biomass gasifier is one more way you can try to go off-grid in an environmentally sustainable way. Tired of ridiculous energy bills? Then use those old "wood scraps, yard waste, and corn cobs" etc. you have lying around the backyard to your fiscal and metaphysical advantage.

Gustav threatens GOP convention

Hurricane Gustav is showing that while he may not be a Democrat, he's certainly not a Republican as he threatens to disrupt the RNC Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota this week. Looks like the Focus on the Family voodoo practitioners accidentally got their "God bless the GOP" and "God rain down thy fury upon the Democratic Convention" prayers mixed up.

Divine justice? I won't go quite so far, but it is certainly a healthy dose of irony for the week.

XKCD: X Girls Y Cups

A statistical analysis of Girls, Cups, and Google.