14 October 2008

Do NOT send Ringo Starr ANYMORE fanmail! Seriously!

In an extremely eloquently worded video (note: sarcasm) posted recently on his website, Ringo Starr adamantly instructs all those visiting his website not to send any fan mail to be read or objects to be signed or they WILL be tossed. He is simply too busy and does not have any time for his fans- all 6 of them. Yes, those people who have made him who he is today- it has just become far too much for him. I just have a few questions:

1) Who was sending Ringo Starr fan mail in the first place?
2) Does this then mean that I don't have time to spend $54.95 on a Ringo Starr hoodie?
3) How does he then have time to run a contest on his website to "handpick" a photo sent in by one of these "numerous fans" to be featured on the official website? Is anyone else getting mixed messages here?

Watch the video

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