07 November 2008

Change.gov comes online

President-elect Barack Obama has launched Change.gov, a website that outlines, in plain English and detail, the plan for transitioning governments.

Have a question? Looking for a job in the Obama Administration? Change.gov has the answers.

Interestingly, the content is copyrighted by the Obama-Biden Transition Project, a 501C(4) organization. It seems they were planning and prepared for victory.

For additional commentary, check out Slashdot.

Bad Dog

We now have the most high profile case for the dog whisperer....


iPhone Ocarina

The next iteration of iPhone as instrument apps is available - the iPhone Ocarina.

One preset allows the user to relive the NES glory days with a little Zelda action.

Perhaps that doesn't catch your fancy and you'd prefer a bunch of geeks playing Zepplin.

Courtesy of Gizmodo

XKCD: Faust 2.0

"The only blood these contracts are signed in is from me cutting my hand trying to open the goddamn CD case."

05 November 2008

XKCD: Election

Oh shit... what do I do now?

Obama Beats McCain

And so the nightmare comes to a close.

I'm gonna vote like the spirit say vote.

"I'm asking you to believe, not just in my ability to change Washington, but yours." - Barack Obama

And so begins a new era.

02 November 2008

Better safe than sorry on BPA

The FDA recently released a statement saying that the chemical BPA is "safe at current exposure levels." This statement contradicts more than 100 studies saying just the opposite, and linking BPA to cancer, heart disease, and most unnerving of all, developmental and brain delays in babies and fetuses. For those of you who are unaware, BPA is a chemical found in many hard plastics used for packaging (not a big deal) and drinking (big deal). While it's not that frightening in packaging plastic when you just touch it, in things like baby bottles and some Nalgene-style water bottles, you end up ingesting the chemical along with your drink. With all the contradiction, its safe to say that the jury is still out on BPA, so in my opinion, it's best to just avoid it and stick with water bottles and baby bottles that are listed as "BPA-free".