01 May 2009

Obama decimates Women's basketball team in PIG

In a game of PIG at the White House, President Obama single-handedly owned the UConn women's basketball team, talking trash the whole time.  There's a reason he's president and they're not.

In other news, I can't believe I'm tagging a post with "Sports."

Everyone loves getting mail

30 April 2009

For help, look to the Shadow?

From CNET:
We can all rest easy knowing that our streets are now protected by a motley crew of pseudo-heroes known as The Allegiance.
. . .
A 21-year-old man (I'll believe it when I see it) from Milford, Ohio, Shadow Hare claims his Allegiance of Heroes reaches all across the country, with masked vigilantes each protecting their respective cities. There's Aclyptico in Pennsylvania, Wall Creeper in Colorado, Master Legend in Florida, and Mr. Extreme in California.
For us, the real hero is local news has the real scoop:

Also, Shadow wants to be your friend on MySpace

Gov race in GA heats up

Words fail me in describing the absolute absurdity of an interview with Georgia Creator's Rights gubernatorial candidate Neal Horsley.  The man had sex with a mule and thinks that so has everyone else who grew up on a Georgia farm... did I mention his name is Horsley?  Forgoing the wide road to pun hell, let's just get to the link: Georgia candidate doesn't think past sex with mule will hurt his chances for Governor

Woah, Jakey, it doe'n't have to be so difficult, now.

29 April 2009

Helmet and a Hug courtesy of Denmark's police

Like their southern friends in the Netherlands, Denmark is all about riding bikes.  A program has police handing out helmets for free and every helmet comes with a hug.

28 April 2009

Arlen Specter (D) Pennsylvania

Today Arlen Specter is announcing that he will be seeking re-election to the United States Senate, but, amidst the likelihood that that he would lose the Republican Primary to Pat Toomey, he's jumping ship on the Republican party and running as a Democrat instead.

In related news, Senator Specter has announced that he's also going to be introducing aggressive carbon control legislation, voting for the stimulus package, supporting the expiration of the Bush tax cuts and voting pro-choice. . . wait a second.

27 April 2009

GOP stripped flu pandemic preparedness from stimulus

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" - George Santaya

Perhaps the GOP should have taken a page out of Mr. Santaya's book. In his response to Obama's address to Congress, Bobby Jindal ridiculed funding for volcano monitoring; less than a month later, Alaska's Mount Redoubt erupted 6 times. Then Maine's Senator Susan Collins came out against flu pandemic preparedness funding... and now we're all going to die from swine flu. Way to go Sue. GOP FTW!

Rhetoric for kids... a refresher for the rest of us

One father's account of how he encourages his children to reason and argue on behalf of their points, rather than the usual whining. The author gives a brief refresher in the basics of rhetoric too. Apparently the article was nominated for the 2007 National Magazine Award.

26 April 2009