24 April 2009

TIME Photo Essay: Obama's first 100 days

TIME put together a photo essay to mark President Obama's first 100 days in office.

Cable monopolies oppose community ISP

Tired of paying out the nose for TV, internet, and phone service? So were the residents of Wilson, North Carolina. They put together a city-owned ISP that offers 81 basic cable channels, 10 MBps (upload and download) internet access, and a digital phone plan with unlimited long distance calls to the U.S. and Canada. Such a package would cost $137.95 with Time Warner Cable (and that's an introductory rate). GreenLight, Wilson's ISP, charges only $99.95.

Citing their inability to compete, TWC and Embarq are pushing for legislation that would ban community-owned ISPs.

It's time that people recognize internet service as a public utility - residents should not be held hostage by private corporate monopolies.

23 April 2009

An Economic Sigh of Relief? . . . maybe

The veritable patchwork nation blog at the Christian Science Monitor just published a new economic report looking at the changes in economic conditions in the last month across different types of communities. Unsurprisingly, Michigan, California and Florida could really use some good news, and as always, living in Alaska: bad choice. Otherwise, plenty of interesting tidbits remain. I'm sure the last 8 Americans with internet hookups in their cardboard boxes will appreciate the news.

22 April 2009

Condi Rice gave verbal OK to torture

The Obama Administration's recent release of the secret torture memos has revealed that then-national security adviser Condoleezza Rice approved the CIA's request to waterboard an alleged terrorist. While Ms. Rice did not necessarily lie to the Senate Armed Services Committee, the memo indicates that her role in approving torture was far greater than what she admitted to.

20 April 2009

NY Times asks: Is Obama Selling Out?

Professor Eric Alterman takes a look at a recent New York Times piece that asks whether Obama is selling out due to recent political moves, rhetoric, and his softening of stance on some issues.

The answer is not really.

Obama cutting $100m in spending

Obama is expected to order his cabinet members to find a way to cut $100 million in spending at their first meeting today. Some of the cost-cutting measures include video-conferencing instead of holding conferences and DHS expects to save around $52 million simply by ordering office supplies in bulk. While $100 million seems like chump change, he's setting the tone and we can expect more cuts to follow.

19 April 2009

Champagne sabering - Flying Dutchman Style

In which a young man fulfills his dream - his dream of sabering a bottle of champagne. [insert Christopher Walken-esque over-pronunciation of champagne]