16 January 2009

Prison Night at the Good Ole Hockey Game *UPDATE*

Following up my previous post, the uniforms for the game have now been released. Even the referees are taking part! I think it's extremely clever and I for one am excited at least one game is taking part in the mockery! The jerseys are shown below:

15 January 2009

May have actually found the world's dumbest dad

Sorry about the little skip at the beginning, but seriously, this reinforces my idea that you should actually need a license to be allowed to participate in the gene pool.

A Note in the Drawer

"Don't let the Turkey's get you down" wrote Ronald Reagan to his Presidential successor. Today this begs the question, when Obama sits down behind the desk in the Oval Office for the first time. What will be on the note in the drawer left by Dubbya?

Here at Delvv, always hoping to spur your creative streak, we ask you to share your best guess in the comments.

14 January 2009

Seriously, it's science

A very scientific representation of the factors influencing President Elect Obama as his inauguration draws closer.

Racist grandpas rolling over in their graves
Political pundits saying racism is over in America
Racism in America
The audacity of hope

Thanks to collegehumor.com for the picture.

XKCD: I'm an Idiot

Apparently, this is even true.