24 June 2009

Sleepwalking urination stabbing

May I apologize for my extended absence. I am no longer commuting 4 hours a day to work, or attempting to graduate from grad school while simultaneously planning a wedding. I offer the following hilarious headline as a peace offering:

KC Man Urinating While Sleepwalking Stabbed

COCKTAIL: The Daiquiri

Daily Beast writer Katie Workman provides a primer on "
the drink Hemingway made famous" including a brief overview of its history and several recipes to try out. Cheers!

The Original Daiquiri:
The daiquiri, named after a nearby village, was served in a tall glass packed with cracked ice. A bit of sugar was added, and then fresh lime (or lemon—there's contention on this point) juice was squeezed over the sugar, and a few ounces of rum poured in. Then it was simply stirred vigorously. Later, the cocktail shaker became part of the equation.

22 June 2009

Big Brother Moves to Lancaster

Little old Lancaster City just got creepier. No, Lancastrians, this doesn't count as social networking or reality tv.

From the LA Times:
Reporting from Lancaster, Pa. -- This historic town, where America's founding fathers plotted during the Revolution and Milton Hershey later crafted his first chocolates, now boasts another distinction.

It may become the nation's most closely watched small city.
Some 165 closed-circuit TV cameras soon will provide live, round-the-clock scrutiny of nearly every street, park and other public space used by the 55,000 residents and the town's many tourists. That's more outdoor cameras than are used by many major cities, including San Francisco and Boston.
Well. At least WGAL won't have to waste so much money on stock footage. . .

21 June 2009

Iran on fire

For those of you not in the know - The Huffington Post has an excellent liveblog of all the events transpiring in the "Land of the Aryans." The reporter, Nico Pitney, is in contact with several citizen journalists in Iran and posts videos, emails, and other documents translated with the help of volunteers.