15 January 2009

A Note in the Drawer

"Don't let the Turkey's get you down" wrote Ronald Reagan to his Presidential successor. Today this begs the question, when Obama sits down behind the desk in the Oval Office for the first time. What will be on the note in the drawer left by Dubbya?

Here at Delvv, always hoping to spur your creative streak, we ask you to share your best guess in the comments.


The.Bull.Moose. said...

Hey Barry -

Just wanted to let you know I hid one of the wheels to your desk chair. Oh - and the nuclear codes.

Laura also wanted me to say we hope the dozen puppies in Malia's room. Good luck undoing that one ;-)

Enjoy the cheese doodles in the second drawer. If you need anything else, just hit me up on my BlackBerry. Oh that's right, you can't.

Peace out,

p.s. - WJC left me a cigar, consider yourself lucky.

BleedingHeartConservative said...

Hey man,
Sorry 'bout the mess.
I'm sure the cleaning staff will take care of crushed up smarties in the carpet. You're on your own for the rest of it.

NoU-turnFromLeftLane said...

Good luck, I fucked this one up something fierce.


dbmuell said...

Dear Barack,

A few rules that I learned over the years:

1) If you're wondering whether you're about to commit a war crime, just ask Mr. Cheney. He's a big help.

2) No water boarding in the Oval Office. Turd Blossom tried it, and it creates awful spots on the desk wood.

3) Remember to hang the constitution in proper overhand fashion...and wash your hands when you're done.

4)When addressing the press corps, be sure to show them respect by assigning them nicknames and belittling them. When your approval rating goes below 20%, you may need them!

5) The booze is in the third drawer. Do you seriously think I could have done this sober?

Anonymous said...


A few thoughts:

1. Remember to squint when you talk, people like that.

2. Train your dog not to bite reporters, Barney never learned that.

3. Don't mess with Texas

and finally

4. Beware of pretzels, they're out to get us.

You're pal G-Dub Dub "W"

... P.S., Don't mess with Texas.