08 June 2009

Commission: poor oversight for war contracts

An independent commission has concluded that oversight for wartime contracts has been abysmal. There is no central database for keeping track of contracts - who they've been awarded to, for how much, and what they're doing. The new Wartime Contracting Commission reported to Congress that, since 2001, there has been "poor management, weak oversight, and a failure to learn from past mistakes as recurring themes in wartime contracting."

Of great concern is the poor quality resulting from some of these contracts - brand new buildings that went way over budget with cracks in the foundation and generally shoddy workmanship. KBR alone billed the US $100 million for private security in spite of the fact that the contract specifically prohibited for-hire guards.

This article is just a small part of a laundry list of wasted taxpayer money and abuses.

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