18 March 2009

Tucker Carlson: How Jon Stewart Went Bad

Since we gleefully hosted Jon Stewart's epic sauté of CNBC's Jim Cramer last Thursday, in the interest of fairness, I offer former Jon-Stewart-victim Tucker Carlson writing at the Daily Beast.

Tucker argues that Stewart has long enjoyed an untouchable position in the media's eye, he critiques last week's interview and provides some additional details about the day Jon Stewart ate Crossfire with some microgreens and a cool sauvignon blanc.

He writes:
As Stewart becomes more self-righteous, he inevitably becomes less funny. Sanctimony is the death of humor, and also of innovation. Where a show like South Park challenges its audience’s every conceivable assumption, the Daily Show has become safer than Jay Leno, pandering night after night to the converted. Can you remember the last time Stewart said anything his viewers might disagree with?
In honor of Tucker, my favorite libertarian, I think we should let the market decide. Jon Stewart's ten year run at the daily show brings in upwards of a million viewers a night, Tucker Carlson . . . well, doesn't.

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