15 September 2008

Its the Economy, Stupid; No seriously, it actually is.

"Quit Doling Out That Bad-Economy Line" writes Donald Luskin in an op-ed in the Washington Post this weekend. Like the nation of whiners gaffe, Luskin is just another advisor to the McCain who would like us to wake up and realize that we're "a nation of exaggerators", in our apparent screaming panic over today's economy. Well Donald, will the rise in oil prices place thousands of families at risk of freezing to death this winter if LiHEAP can't come through for them? Or what about the strain when many more children will rely on school lunch programs amidst rising food prices? I think Mother Jones nailed the issue on its head when it called Luskin's editorial one of the worst-timed ever. Only a few hours later the largest instance of Bankruptcy in American history was declared by one of her largest financial institutions. Doesn't capital flow swimmingly?
Instead, perhaps a more sober assessment is in order.

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